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The latest Internet health scare: Grain-free foods

July 27, 2018
At Phydeaux, we've been using the Internet since we opened in 2002 to help us research products and ideas to help make your lives with your pets the best they can be. Throughout the 16 years we've been open, we've seen countless online stories about the latest thing that will harm pets. With all of […]

It's Getting Hot! Let Your Pup Cool Off Inside with Us

May 16, 2017
Parking in the shade or leaving the window down won't always prevent your dog from overheating. In 70° weather the inside of your car can get to be 90° within ten minutes. In 85° weather can be 102°, and in 90° weather can be 109°. Reduce your stress and the risk of heat stroke by […]

10 Foods to Avoid Letting Your Dog Eat This Holiday Season:

November 23, 2016
   The holidays are all about togetherness, being thankful, love, and good eats. You’ve spent hours or even days creating the perfect holiday meal for you and loved ones. All that's left to do now is sit down and enjoy your feast. Hold on a second. What’s that you see out of the corner of […]
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